Camp Sundown Clowns

When we first met “Tots”, (upper left corner in white hat), it was as the manager of our local Walmart as we were seeking donations of bedding for our newly opened Camp Sundown facility in 2003. Not only did she facilitate us getting all the sheets, pillowcases, pillows and blankets we needed to open that summer, she also came to visit us in clown costume, entertaining our campers. She actually designed a special clown image, just for Camp Sundown and “Moonlite” was born that summer. Tots had so many amazing ideas and activities that she needed to recruit additional clown support to help out. In comes Bubba, Peanut and Bootsie, our beloved regulars at Camp Sundown. Together, all four professional clowns have become the staple in supplying tricks and skills, organizing our exciting end of week performances and making Camp Sundown an all-around happier place. Who can help but smile with clowns at the helm? Their giving is straight from the heart, traveling to camp and staying on their own, to share their own special form of laughter, surprise and love of life with our campers. Thanks also to all the other clowns and clown alleys these four have helped involve in Camp Sundown, making a real differece in the lives of children with XP. Special thanks too to Bubba’s Red Clown Nose campaign for help raise vital funds toward our Camp Sundown programs!

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