Professor Brian Diffey

Clinical Director, Regional Medical Physics Department, Newcastle General Hospital, Newcastle NE4 6BE, UK

Brian Diffey is Head and Clinical Director of the Regional Medical Physics Department, a Clinical Directorate of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust; Professor of Medical Physics in the University of Newcastle and also holds a personal Professorship in Photobiology within the Medical School at Newcastle.
Over the past 30 years Brian Diffey has developed and maintained an active internationally respected research program in skin photobiology, particularly in the measurement of natural and artificial ultraviolet radiation, its effects in normal and diseased human skin and ways to minimise excessive exposure. His work includes:

  • Investigation and treatment of skin diseases provoked or exacerbated by sunlight
  • Quantitative studies on ultraviolet-induced erythema in human skin
  • Personal dosimetry studies of human exposure to sunlight
  • Photoprotection, with particular reference to factors affecting the performance of sunscreens
  • Skin cancer epidemiological modelling

Recent Distinctions include:

  • Principal advisor the Cancer Research UK SunSmart programme
  • Expert Member of European Commission Scientific Committee on Consumer Products – UV radiations
  • Scientific Advisor to the Xeroderma Pigmentosum Support Group (UK)
  • Member of International Agency for Research on Cancer working group on the Evaluation of Sunscreens as Preventive Agents in Skin Cancer
  • Awarded the 1999 Medal presented by the Society of Cosmetic Scientists for innovative contributions to the suncare industry.
  • Member of Department of the Environment UK UVB Impacts Review Group
  • Member of the UK Department of Health Commissioning Group on skin cancer research

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